Each summer Artspace seeks out an artist and a group of New Haven high schools students to work together in the spirit of collaboration. Over the course of three weeks this group coalesces into a creative unit, learning new artistic skills and completing an intricate installation in the Artspace galleries. The project seeks to provide new art-making experiences for both established artists and student apprentices, and to facilitate the creation of a work of art that becomes a meaningful part of the artistic legacy of all those involved.

Artspace is proud to say that this—our 13th year—has been a joy for all involved, as New Haven-based artist Erika Van Natta has served as the program’s Master Artist. Over the course of three weeks in July, Van Natta and her apprentices have collaborated to reinterpret traditional portraiture by incorporating unconventional materials—such as popsicles, mirrors, and op art inspired patterns—in video, photography, and performance. Through exploration of the various roles behind and in front of the camera, the apprentices created a series of videos and portraits, which focus on identity construction, visual phenomenon, and the temporality of youth, summer, and melting ice cream.

Participating Artists

Rosa Brunson
Tyler Carrillo-Waggoner
Jasmine Chevalier
Imari Clement
Myisha Darden
Diana Deleon
Alexandra Garcia
Jasmyne Green
Walatsebi Lomotey
Joy Okeke
Daniel Taylor
Ashley Vazquez.