Each summer Artspace seeks out an artist and a group of New Haven high school students to work together in the spirit of collaboration. Over the course of three weeks this group coalesces into a creative unit, learning new art skills and completing an intricate installation in the Artspace galleries. The project looks to provide new experiences for both the artists and the students, and to facilitate the creation of a work of art that becomes a meaningful part of the legacy of all those involved. Though the task may seem daunting, each year, without fail, Artspace, an artist, and a talented group of young people make it happen.

Artspace is proud to say that this, our 12th year, has been a joy for all involved, as Harlem-based artist Felandus Thames has served as the Master Artist. Over the course of three weeks in July, Thames and his 16 student apprentices have collaborated on a silk-screening installation that explores group-identity and branding. After naming themselves the Sharpie Squad, the apprentices set to work creating logos and describing their creative visions to one another. These drawings morphed into silk-screened logos, which the students, working in pairs, brought to life on the long wall of Artspace.

Participating Artists

Badria Ahmed
Arianna Alamo
Danny Amir
Tyler Carrillo-Waggoner
Jasmine Chevalier
Ian Davidson
Shawn Duplessie
Jazmin Iturbide
Rain Jasiorkowski
Shanti Madison
Olivia Marciano
Stefany Mitchell
Kira Podgwaite
Isaiah Rodgers
Juan Velazquez
Aysha Younas