Digital Flatfile Exhibitions

An Alternative Love Story

Curated by: Sheyenne Tichnell

Featured Artists: Tabitha Barnard, Ebony Beatty, Deborah Dancy, Tony Donovan, James Duval, Daniel Eugene, Insook Hwang, Jeff Ostergren, Yolanda Petrocelli, Lenny Moskowitz, Elizabeth Livingston.  Learn More ->



Curated by: Katy Rosenthal

Featured Artists: Lexi Axon, Tabitha Barnard, Ebony Beatty, Yaminay Chaudhri, Daniel Eugene, Jacquelyn Gleisner, Dan Gries, Nate Lerner, Shanna Merola, Lenny Moskowitz, Jeff Ostergren, Julie Pereira, Yolanda Petrocelli, Chen Reichert, Julia Rooney, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Catherine Vanaria, Margi Weir.  Learn More ->


Curated by: Dan Mims

Featured Artists: Aspasia Patti Anos, David Borawski, Colin Burke, Matthew DeLeon, Kathleen DeMeo, James Duval, Yikui Gu, Insook Hwang, Laura Marsh, Dorothy Powers, Petra Szilagyi.

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Seeing the Structure

Curated by: Madelaine O’Brien

Featured Artists: Alexis Brown, Alisa Dworsky, Stephen Grossman, Rachel Hellerich, Katie Jurkiewicz, Maria Lara-Whelpley, Martha Lewis, Irene K. Miller, Jeff Slomba

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individual vs. crowd

Curated by: Chandler Caso

Featured Artists: Colin Burke, Tim Campbell, Karen Dow, Alisa Dworsky, Caitlin Foster, Kathryn Frund, Robert Gregson, Willard Lustenader, Robin Sherin.

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HAND in rotation

Curated by: Kathleen Giordano

Featured Artists: Kevin Van Aelst, Cynthia Back, Claudia Cron, Phyllis Crowley, Alyse Rosner

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Into and out of

Curated by: Liana Ambrose-Murray

Featured Artists: David Coon, Karen Dow, Barbara Hocker, Hong Hong

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Curated by: Katie Jurkiewicz

Featured Artists: Colin Burke, Sarah Gustafson, Insook Hwang, Evan Levine, Barbara Marks, Amy Pryor, Carol Radsprecher, Roxanne Faber Savage, Liz Pagano, Mark Williams

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